Sterndahlie - Square Doily In Knitted Lace - Designed By Herbert Niebling - PDF - A4 (European) Paper Size

PDF Content: English translation instruction text, pattern in chart form only

Size and Materials Required: 30" (75 cm) using 40 g crochet thread Size 100, knitting needles U.S. Size 5-0 (1.00 mm)

Number of Pattern Rounds: 39 for 1st motif; 37 (rows) for 2nd

Additional Description: Doily is composed of small square motifs and woven fabric center and border. Two different motifs are used but do NOT have to be sewn together: an alternative and interesting method can be used. Would make nice baby blanket, but with knitted border and center -- using knitted center of Mozaik pattern would require adjustment for difference in number of number of rows of each second motif (39 for Mozaic, 37 for Sterndahlie).

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